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Pixel Gun 3D Hack Tool – The Skinmaker

The Pixel Gun 3D hack tool has a lot of features that makes it the most liked game on the net. They have many interesting feature that has a huge fan following to the game, like the choice of modes, weapons and also the pixel gun 3D hack tool available. But the main feature of the game is the ability that it offers to the players to customize their skin and decide how their icon appears when they play. The skin maker costs 50 gold coins and it can be used to play a lot of tricks with various accessories like boots, gloves, torso (body), face, etc.

pixel gun 3d hack tool


Using this feature is certainly a tricky one and can be achieved only by testing over and over again. Here’s a tip as to how to do it:

  • You have to use this skin to cover the front, right and half the back of your arm, to make it look like gloves covering your arm.
  • You could also use a 2×1 to the right side of your arm.


Making a boot or shoe for your skin also requires a particular trick. Try this out:

  • First you will have to place the front view and back view of the shoes correctly corresponding to the front side and backside of your leg.
  • Also make sure that you place the left view of the shoes on both the left leg and right leg. This will make your shoes perfectly formed.

Torso (Body):

Making the torso is comparatively an easy task but care has to be given when placing the bottom part. It would appear slightly shifted to the right so while placing it, place it a slightly to the left to give it a perfect finish.


While customizing the face, just see to that the right side is placed just opposite to the left side to give it a mirror effect. Also ensure that you align the hair that is going to be attached to the backside of the head.

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